5 Tips for Buying Wedding Shoes

Published: 18th May 2012
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Today let's talk about how to select the perfect wedding shoes, most grils when they choose their wedding shoes, just focused on them in isolation, they just want a beautiful shoes, but do you think about if it is proper for the wedding occasion, the weather, the material, the height of my bridal party. We figure out some tips. Here are a few of my top 5 tips! later days, we will give you more!

1. You really just need beauty?

Some wedding party will last for more than 10 hours! And your 10 CM high heels will make you exhausted as you will be doing a lot of standing, dancing. Normally, our weddings start later the day, but in some UK country, they can last much longer than that! There is also the ever growing popular after party post wedding that some couples are engaging in so make sure to consider the whole picture. If youíre going to be on your feet for 12 hours, think about your shoes very carefully!

2. Think about the terrain condition

Right shoes for right terrain. Think about where you will held your wedding and then choose your wedding shoes, for example heels on the beach will be more difficult than flats and if you are walking up or down loads of stairs, some shoes might be more comfortable or safe. This shouldn't be the be-all-end-all reason for changing your shoe choice, but make sure to think about it! The worst thing in the world would be to spend loads of money on some amazing shoes, and then completely ruin them before the night is over.

3. Consider the height of the rest of your bridal party

This doesn't necessarily mean you need to make sure you are the same height as your bridesmaids, but of course itís always good to think about the height of not only your groom, but your dad so that when you walk down the aisle and have your first dance, everyone feels comfortable. I was JUST the same height as my dad for our walk down the aisle and our first dance which was perfectly fine, but I know if I had been a bit taller it might have felt a tad awkward. This then translates into how your photos are going to look. If youíre taller than your groom in all of your portraits but normally shorter, is that something you want to happen?

4. Buy your shoes as far ahead of time as possible so you can wear them as MUCH as possible

I assumed that the adrenaline would probably buy me an extra hour on our wedding day, given the fact I was wearing 6 inch heels, however, I think I was also saved by the fact that every Sunday, I wore my heels for about 4 hours. I did the laundry in them, I did the cooking in them, I blogged in them. Honestly, it really does help.

5. Target possible problem areas in advance

If you've worn your shoes for an hour or so, you will begin to feel where they might hurt you later on. For me, the problem areas were the balls of my feet due to the height, and the back of heel because there was a zipper there. So, in preparation for this, I bought bandages and gel pads GALORE. Again, my feet were pretty much killing me by the end of the night anyway, but I maintain these bought me more time.

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